Online Submission of Abstracts

Welcome to the online portal of submission of abstracts for the SILVER JUBILEE SAFOG CONFERENCE in association with 53rd ANNUAL CONGRESS OF THE SLCOG. All Submissions must be made through this portal.

Please follow the guidelines stipulated by the Committee when submitting abstracts. For a downloadable version of the guidelines please see above.

The Process of submission.

  1. Add the title of the abstract on the 1st box of the portal
  2. Select the type of submission either Oral Presentation or E-poster.
  3. Choose the relevant topic/ category that your abstract falls into
  4. Upload the full abstract in the 1st upload box named "Full Abstract"
  5. Upload a version of the abstract without the names and affiliations of the authors in the box named Abstract "without author details for reviewā€¯, this is the copy sent to the abstract review committee
  6. Add the details of the corresponding author
  7. Submit

Submit Abstract